Akkolyte Schedule

September 15, 2001
Stefan Gonzalez's B-day
1127 N. Clinton, Dallas, TX
Featuring: das herpias, terminal dysentery

April 30, 2002
mad ivans in ft. worth. bands playing are terminal dysentery, league of struggle, ...ofdeath, and otophobia (kick ass crust violence from philly). show costs 5 bones and there will be food provided by the d/fw food not bombs. show starts 7 p.m. sharp please show up i have busted my ass and was quite dissapointed by the turnout at corey's house last wednesday which was without a doubt well flyered. there is no excuse to not show up to this if you are not busy. i understand some of you live in dallas and have a hard time getting a ride but for those of you that can easily get there quit fucking around and support what other people are trying to accomplish for your viewing pleasure.

June 2, 2002
e.o.s. from houston, akkolyte (or terminal dysentery), and possibly a couple more as i am in the process of talking to a couple more local bands. e.o.s. play awesome straight up anarcho-punk remniscent of bands like mankind?, antischism, and the pist and to top it off are all extremely young (wow i don't feel like the only one finally). please come out and bring donations so that e.o.s. can get to their next stop(anyone in ft. worth wanna help get them a show the day after?).

June 7, 2002
Artimus pyle (cali), and big bubba (oregon) will be here along with opening band terminal dysentery. artimus pyle play incredible dark, hardcore/thrash punk with a member of what happens next? and fuckface. they are awesome as hell. big bubba play drunken, snotty thrash punk and are pretty good as well.

bring donations or you are a very bad person. hahaha!!! no seriously with 2 touring bands we need all the help we can get. all shows with have free vegan food brought o you courtesy of mother gonzalez and the local food not bombs so there goes another reason to bring donations.

akkolyte, terminal dysentery, and league of struggle are all gonna be going on a midwest tour in mid-june

July 4, 2002 Thursday
if you love america then don't come to this show!!! martyr index (canada, self proclaimed anarcho-rock, catchy and political do not miss!) and more t.b.a.

July 27, 2002 Saturday
against me!(florida, political hardcore punk/folk if thats confusing enough. AMAZING BAND!!! on No Idea records), akkolyte, and more bands hopefully t.b.a

August 13th, 2002 Tuesday
Starts at 7:00. All ages. Donation. With:
Think I Care (Dead Alive Records), xFILESx (xxx from MA), Dead Food (grind from CA), and This Building is Cursed. Show is at Nick's Place, 10202
Brockbank Dr., Dallas (214) 280-8572

Friday, August 16th, 2002
Starts around 7:00. All ages. Donation. With:
Sharp Knife (Fast melodic punk from California), Tapped Out. Show is at
That Place Where Those Three Guys Live, 908 N. Edgefield, Dallas (214) 946-9926
Bring your skateboard to rip the new halfpipe in the back yard.

Sunday, September 22nd
terminal dysentery, bread and water, and PHOBIA (orange county grindcore since 1990). 7 p.m. all ages $5 at the wreckroom. 3208 west 7th st. ft. worth, tx 817-348-8303

Tuesday, September 24th
akkolyte, e.o.s., pretty little flower, and PHOBIA. in houston at the creative autonomy center.

Saturday, November 9th
Starting at 6:30 and ending at 10:15 p.m. Bands playing: bread and water (anarcho-hardcore punk from dallas/fort worth), demure (political crusty thrash big on the black/death metal influence. from dallas), terminal dysentery (mother earth loving hippies playing socio-political blasting grindcore), and e.o.s.(anarcho/peace punk from houston with great things to say and a really rockin' live show!).

remember all shows start at 6:30 p.m. and last until 10:00 p.m. there will be free vegan food provided by my parents and the local food not bombs.

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