Akkolyte History

Summer of 1998, Akkolyte began as a solo project for drummer / vocalist / guitarist Stefan Gonzalez. Frustrated early on in the project about not actually having a back up band to play the overdubbed, recorded material, he turned to his brother Aaron, who plays bass, for help. In rehearsing the new music, Stefan decided to leave the idea of having a guitarist in the band totally out of the picture, since the possibility of there being more than enough trouble with two brothers loomed strongly.

After several months of taking practice and preparation seriously, they played their debut show at the Oak Cliff Coffee House on July 23, 1999. Making their presence known with increasingly frequent gigs, the became known well enough to play shows with local vetarans Bread and Water, League of Struggle, Quiet Earth and Like Flies on Flesh.

Since that time, they've gone on to release a split-7" with Tulsa, Oklahoma, thrash outfit Septic Tumor, and continue to tour and travel across the US. Playing shows with bands like Scorned, From Ashes Rise, Molehill, Catheter, Dead Bodies Everywhere, Segue, Subtract To Zero, Damad and many others. Fueled by their sincere love for music and the DIY Scene, they continue to play in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are planning a Mid-US Tour early in the summer of 2001.

February 2001

Akkolyte released their first "solo"7" on the Chode Brand Music label, the Dallas-based punk and hardcore label run by Wheatboy Dave. Called Future Fascists of America (CBM 007), the record sent a clear political message calling for unification, tolerance, and the need to speak out about injustices in all strata of society, culture, and politics. Recorded in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, in three different sessions, the 7" is just over 10 minutes of
hard-hitting political hardcore.

March 2002

Akkolyte gets a full-page article in the
Dallas Observer.

June 2002

Finally after a really long wait the third akkolyte release is out on blindead productions in sweden. i am so excited!!! If you want a copy it may be a while before we have some. you can send the money to krogh cuz he gets you the shit fast from sweden.

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