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Akkolyte is a duo of two brothers from the dallas, tx area. we have been playing shows since the summer of 1999 and have been very active since without much of a break. our sound is somewhere in the realm of hardcore/grind/crust/thrash etc. label it how you will. we just wanna play our own style devoid of any barrier to keep us from progressing. we are just a group of individuals whose music and lyrics are derived from our own personal experiences and emotions.

now in the works: akkolyte / e.o.s. split 7". we just got 3 new tracks recorded for this project and they are by far our best songs to ever be recorded. we are very excited!! for those who haven't heard e.o.s., they are our good friends from houston. they play a more anarcho / peace-punk type style. reminds me of bands such as antischism, aus rotten, mankind? etc. very good band and we are quite happy to have this opportunity of doing this split record with them.

thanks to all the great bands who we played with this summer: e.o.s., vomitous upheaval, snotrockitz, partial birth abortion, storm the tower, black market fetus, despoil, sytemic infection, los jodidos, reaccion, league of struggle, terminal dysentery, the martyr index, walken, pretty little flower, bread and water, the runnamucks, armed with intelligence, the young ones, the technicalities, against me!, fiya, elder wrath, and anyone else who helped us out during the summer. it truly was one of the greatest times for us in terms of shows. very fun times!

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